In the Wake of Collisions

  • 1. Death is Imminent
  • 2. Between Reason and Hubris
  • 3. The Serpent Tower
  • 4. Eruptions of Red
  • 5. When Oceans Become Deserts
  • 6. Unleash the Tyrant
  • 7. The Reaping Reverence
  • 8. Sanctity of Allegiance
  • 9. Horizons Buried

All music written by Flemming C. Lund
All lyrics by Kasper Thomsen
All arrangements by The Arcane Order

Kasper Thomsen - Vocals
Flemming C. Lund - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Kasper Kirkegaard - Rhythm Guitar
Morten Løwe Sørensen - Drums
Boris Tandrup - Bass*

*Bass on this record recorded by Kasper Kirkegaard

The second release from The Arcane Order released by Metal Blade Records 2008. Recorded at Hansen Studios, Ribe with Jacob Hansen September 2007.