Entering the studio to record our 4th album

May 30th 2019 we will enter the studio, once again with our friend and producer Jacob Hansen, to record our yet-to-be-titled 4th studio album.

The album will consist of 8 songs and a total playing time of around 54 minutes.

We are currently brushing off the final details before Bastian Thusgaard will start blasting his ass off just 14 days from now. The rest of the album will be recorded in sessions in the following months.

Needless to say we cannot wait to get started and get our next album out there! We will try to keep you posted as much as we can.

Hard at work on album number 4

For some time we have been hard at work writing the next The Arcane Order album – This being the 4th from the band, and the follow up to “Cult of None” from 2015. We currently have 9 songs written and about 60 minutes of music, and we will start rehearsing the songs in the coming months. The 4th album is likely to be recorded by the end of the year.

Drummer Bastian Thusgaard is finished recording the drum parts for the new Soilwork album and has now commenced work on the drum parts for the new The Arcane Order album. Watch a clip from “song 1” for the new album: https://youtu.be/fH0LrBLlhic

Bastian joins Soilwork on permanent basis – Continues in The Arcane Order

We are super stoked on behalf of Bastian that he is now a permanent member of Soilwork! Bastian is replacing Dirk Verbeuren who left to join Megadeth some time ago. Bastian has been touring with Soilwork the past 10 months, so you might have had a chance to get a glimpse of his mad skills already.

Luckily this will not affect hos involvement with The Arcane Order, although naturally we will need to skillfully master the calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts, also with Kaspers involvement with Hatesphere, but we will definitely make it work!

Congratulations, Bastian, on a dream come true!

“Cult of None” available for streaming

Massacre Records has made the entire “Cult of None” album available for streaming via YouTube, so go there and stream the living daylights out of it! And if you like it and still haven’t bought the album, you can of course still choose to support us and buy the album in its physical form here: https://thearcaneorder.bigcartel.com/

Follow us on Instagram

We have created an Instagram account for those of you who want to stay connected there. We will be posting old, rare photos, videos along with some cool facts about the band and the members. Jois us here: https://www.instagram.com/thearcaneorderofficial/

New line-up announced


We are very excited to welcome Kenneth Klitte Jensen (vocals) and Bastian Thusgaard (drums) as permanent members of The Arcane Order!

Kenneth replaces vocalist Kasper Thomsen, who resigned from the band in October 2015 after his great performance on the first 3 The Arcane Order albums. Kenneth acted as stand in all shows in support of Cult of None, and we were all so excited about the co-orporation, that we decided to take it to a more serious level together. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kenneth, we can tell you he used to handle the vocal duties in the now defunct Blood Label.

Bastian Thusgaard played stand-in for drummer Morten Løwe on all shows in support of the Cult of None album. Morten Løwe has been extremely busy with the growing stars in Amaranthe over the last years, and we agreed it was best to part ways in good terms. Bastian did an amazing work filling in for Morten Løwe and along with his great attitude we had no hesitations what so ever to ask him to join the band on a permanent basis. Bastian started his carrier along with Kenneth in Blood Label and is also skinsman in Danish Dawn of Demise as well as stand-in in the mighty Soilwork replacing Dirk Verbeuren.

We want to thank our friends Morten and Kasper for all the great times and their great work on the previous The Arcane Order albums and help define what the band is today. And we want to give a huge welcome to Kenneth and Bastian to the band – We are excited to have you on board and can’t wait to write the next The Arcane Order chapter with you!

Danish tour with HateSphere is done

The Danish tour with HateSphere is now done. We want to thank our awesome friends in Hatesphere for bringing us along on the tour, and we want to thank the audience that showed up, listened to our music and perhaps even bought some of our merchandise.

Special thanks goes out to Troels from Billy Boy in Poison for stepping in with very short notice to replace bass player Jonas, who had to sit out our last 3 shows due a family emergency. Also, of course, a huge thanks goes out to Bastian Thusgaard and Kenneth Klitte Jensen who helped us out on the tour on drums and vocals, respectively. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!

For now this concludes our live shows in support of “Cult of None” after 9 awesome shows. We had an awesome time on the road and can’t wait to get back on the road again!

Next up is finalizing the line up with a new singer, and start the writing process for our 4th album – We are more ready and on fire than ever!!

New bass player

Please welcome to the band mr. Jonas Haagensen on bass! Those of you who attended our last 4 shows have already witnessed the man in action. Jonas is known from the Danish band APHYXION, in which he plays guitar and is main composer. Furthermore Jonas is working in Jacob Hansens studio and helped engineering “Cult of None”, which meant he was quite well known to the band and a really natural choice for us – We are happy to have him on board! With him to the band Jonas brings not only very good skills on the bass but also a great positive attitude as well as a lot of experience in spite of his young age. Please give Jonas a warm welcome to the band!

arcane-11Our old bass molester and good friend Boris and we decided to split on good terms around the time of “Cult of None”. Please go and support him and his band I’LL BE DAMNED and check out their great debut album recently released on CD and vinyl!

Important line-up announcement

Kasper Thomsen has decided to step down as singer in The Arcane Order. He will not only leave The Arcane Order but also the music business in general.

Kasper has reached a point in his life where he needs to pay full attention to his private life, which we fully respect.

Kasper has been a unique part of the band since our debut was released in 2006, and we want to thank Kasper for 3 awesome albums together.

While his departure does not come as a complete shock to us, it goes without saying this is somewhat of a blow to us and we are very saddened by this.

The timing is not perfect seeing as we have a new album out and live shows coming up, but we will to continue with a session singer until we have found a permanent replacement. This change will NOT affect our coming live shows, and for now our friend Kenneth Klitte Jensen from Blood Label will help us out during the coming live shows in November. After this the search for a permanent replacement will commence.

A positive side effect of the changing vocal situation could be that we might be able to play more live shows in the future, so we hope you will embrace this inevitable change with an open mind, and we hope we can count on your continued support.

THE ARCANE ORDER, October 2015

“Cult of None” is released today!

More than 7 years after our last release, “Cult of None” is finally released today on Massacre Records. We are so stoked about this! Get your ass down to your local record pusher and buy it today – or even better, support us and buy directly from us here http://thearcaneorder.bigcartel.com/. Also remember our release party in Copenhagen tomorrow where you can buy both shirt and CD at favorable prices.