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Danish tour with HateSphere is done

The Danish tour with HateSphere is now done. We want to thank our awesome friends in Hatesphere for bringing us along on the tour, and we want to thank the audience that showed up, listened to our music and perhaps even bought some of our merchandise.

Special thanks goes out to Troels from Billy Boy in Poison for stepping in with very short notice to replace bass player Jonas, who had to sit out our last 3 shows due a family emergency. Also, of course, a huge thanks goes out to Bastian Thusgaard and Kenneth Klitte Jensen who helped us out on the tour on drums and vocals, respectively. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!

For now this concludes our live shows in support of “Cult of None” after 9 awesome shows. We had an awesome time on the road and can’t wait to get back on the road again!

Next up is finalizing the line up with a new singer, and start the writing process for our 4th album – We are more ready and on fire than ever!!