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13-07-2015 18:30:16

Our 3rd record "Cult of None" is now 100% complete! The master has been handed over to Massacre Records, and now all we have to do is wait until September 25th. Standing with the end result in our hands, we can honestly say that what we feel this is our best record to date!
This also means that we can proudly present the cover artwork for the album created by Lars Christensen from Raunchy. Lars has created some awesome artwork with a lot of atmosphere that suits the music really well! Check out the artwork at our Facebook page. Hope you'll all like it as much as we do!

The title track for the album is:
1. Reviver (9:40)
2. Exo Reign (5:36)
3. Ahab (7:12)
4. Void Maker (6:53)
5. Waves of Trance (6:57)
6. Faith Eater (7:35)
7. Hesperian (7:03)
8. Sun Grave (7:25)
Total playing time 58:25

Waves of Trance and Sun Grave are formerly known as The Constant Throne and Aphelion and were featured on the Promo 2014 but have been partly remade with new lyrics and vocal arrangements.

Author: Flemming C. Lund

Recordings for the 3rd album start next week

07-04-2015 18:41:38

In exactly 1 week we will enter Jacob Hansens studio once again to record our 3rd album which will be entitled "Cult of None". Songs set to appear are "Reviver", "Void Maker", "Sun Grave", "Hesperian", "Exo Reign", "Ahab", "Faith Eater" & "Waves of Trance". The album will feature the 2 songs "Aphelion" and "The Constant Throne" from the promo we did last year, but the songs are slightly remade with new lyrics and new titles. Expect 55-60 minutes of epic, extreme metal. We will make sure to update our Facebook profile during the studio time with pictures and videos, so be sure to check back every now and then! 

Author: Flemming C. Lund

Entering the studio next month

02-03-2015 21:39:05

We will enter Jacob Hansens studio next month, 6 weeks from now to be more precise, to record our 3rd full length album to be released on Massacre Records later this year. The album title will be revealed soon. We can't wait to get this started! Stay tuned!

Author: Flemming C. Lund

The Arcane Order signs with Massacre Records

05-11-2014 20:20:47

We are proud to announce that we have signed a new worldwide deal with Massacre Records from Germany! Look out for our 3rd album due to be released in 2015!


From the Massacre Records press release: TAO was formed by guitarist Flemming C. Lund under the name Scavenger in 2000. Bassist Boris Tandrup and drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen joined the band 3 years later, vocalist Kasper Thomsen and guitarist Kasper Kirkegaard completed the line-up in 2005 and 2007, respectively.


TAO signed with Metal Blade Records in 2005, after the band's name Scavenger was ultimately changed to THE ARCANE ORDER. Two albums were released - "The Machinery Of Oblivion" (2006) as well as "Wake Of Collisions" (2008) - before the band went on a hiatus in 2010.


They returned in mid-2014 w/ a 2-track promo and signed with Massacre Records in late 2014!

Author: Flemming C. Lund

Promo 2014 digitally released

03-05-2014 16:06:44

Today we have digitally released Promo 2014 containing 2 new songs "Aphelion" and "The Constant Throne". Currently without record deal after ending the contract with Metal Blade, the hope is to secure a new deal with these songs. Furthermore we are trying to spread the songs and our name as much as possible, and therefore the songs have been made available for streaming and purchase at:

Interested labels please get in touch at: info @ thearcaneorder. net 

Author: Flemming C. Lund

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